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Índice de La Montaña : periódico socialista revolucionario : 1997

Tue, 12/04/2012 - 20:19
2012-12-04T19:19:21Z Rubí, Eduardo Chronological index of The Mountain, revolutionary socialist newspaper, published by José Ingenieros and Leopoldo Lugones, in 1897. Each entry contains a brief description of the content.

A cada lector su libro: las desideratas en la Biblioteca Pública de Cuenca

Mon, 12/03/2012 - 10:07
2012-12-03T09:07:25Z Maroto-Galán, Elena Niño-Herranz, Antonio Ruiz-Bautista, Eduardo The text is intended to demonstrate the qualities of the desiderata for user analysis. The article is divided in three parts: the first one is a meditation about the way desiderata are managed by public libraries; In the second one the desiderata presented by costumers of the Public Library of the State in Cuenca between 2005-2008 are analyzed. The last part it is a research about the guidelines of the costumers`s cultural habits for this period.

Verwendung von Nutzungsdaten für Lizenzentscheidungen bei Netzpublikationen

Fri, 11/30/2012 - 22:23
2012-11-30T21:23:50Z Pavlovic, Karlo The work outlines systematically current methods and standards for the measurement and evaluation of e-resource usage. Possibilities and limitations when applying usage data in the context of license decisions are shown. The current practise in Austrian academic libraries is investigated exploratively by means of a focus group as well as an online survey.

En busca de la calidad de las bibliotecas

Fri, 11/30/2012 - 17:26
2012-11-30T16:26:34Z Allendez Sullivan, Patricia Quality is a concept, that always was present on libraries, however, it was not mention terms as ISO Norm,accreditation or continuous improvement. But libraries always tend to design optimal services for their users and they have the need to get ISO 9000 certification.This paper has to goal to develop, concept that describe that process.

Prácticas profesionalizantes: la experiencia de transitar entre el aula y el mundo del trabajo

Fri, 11/30/2012 - 16:36
2012-11-30T15:36:06Z Allendez Sullivan, Patricia Masri Galli, Andrea The main subject of the present paper is the importance of professional practices for library science students in order to access to labor market. The IFTS on Buenos Aires have incorporated these practices on the curriculum to let student to access to the labor field, with the assintance of tutors and several institutions. The IFTS has three diferent levels of practices on the Library Science Program. We want to create awareness of the importance of these practice in the Library Science Community.

Repositorio institucional de tesis y tesinas de la Universidad del CEMA

Fri, 11/30/2012 - 15:54
2012-11-30T14:54:42Z Allendez Sullivan, Patricia de la Puente, Marcelo Universities have the goal to create institutional repositories in order to preserve the documents created on daily bases in these institutions. UCEMA has developed an intranet repository in order to storage the theses from the Masters and PHD Program. This repository has developed on Oracle software and with the collaboration of UCEMA´s Library and the UCEMA´s Informatic Department and UCEMA´s Legal Department also.

La escritura simbólica y el lenguaje escrito en los usuarios del Messenger

Fri, 11/30/2012 - 14:02
2012-11-30T13:02:24Z Valencia-Cerino, Yaditzy García-Martínez, Verónica This work presents the results of a postgraduate thesis on communication, particularly the use of language. Messenger is one of the most popular ways for communicating by signs and symbols. This study was carried out on junior high school students in state education. This research explores the possible impact on junior high school students’ written work due to their use of Messenger. To address this question, the referential communication model with the qualitative approach was used in order to carry out a comparative study. Data were gathered from 16 junior high school students between 15 and 17 years of age who were paired into two groups for each part of the investigation. The research showed that it was possible to categorize the students into three groups: those who constantly use Internet, those who do not constantly use Internet and the rest who do not use it. The end results reveal that there is little relationship between the use of signs and symbols on Messenger and the quality of written work presented by junior high school students

Medios de comunicación y encuentro de culturas: propuesta para la convivencia. The Media and the Meeting of Cultures, in pro of Cultural Coexistence

Fri, 11/30/2012 - 14:00
2012-11-30T13:00:16Z Martínez-Salanova-Sánchez, Enrique The article begins with a reflection on the knowledge society as foundational for improving strategies to live together on the planet, through the enrichment and driving force that spring from a diversity of civilizations and cultures. The media and new technologies increase possibilities for human inter-relationship through the connection in networks. The cinema, in particular, presents new guidelines for behaviour, brings new knowledge and cultures within reach, and becomes indispensable for illustrating new ways to resolve conflict and previously unknown aspects of intercultural dialogue. It explores alliance-forming in solving common problems, and the search for creative answers to humanity’s major problems, principally those having to do with peace and solidarity. Educational systems should receive help to promote training, instruction and education in the use of new technologies, a key to the future of society, so that future generations will be prepared to make critical use of the media, as an instrument and channel for human interrelationship, for information searching, and as a tool for research and for learning.

Citation Analysis of article reports research at Institute for Research and Community Services Gadjah Mada University (GMU) funded by the Agricultural Research and Development Department of Agriculture in 2007 (Analisis Sitiran Artikel Luar Negeri pada La

Fri, 11/30/2012 - 04:15
2012-11-30T03:15:19Z Junandi, Sri Zulaikha, Sri Rochyanti The study aims (1) to discover the foreign journal used in this article Research Reports di Research and Community Services GMU funded by the Agricultural Research and Development Department of Agriculture in 2007, (2) knowing the percentage utilization of each journal published abroad ever subscribed (either already stopped or are still subscribed) by Library Faculty of Agro complex in GMU of article reports research at Institute for Research and Community Services GMU funded by the Agricultural Research and Development Department of Agriculture in 2007, (3) to know the relevancy and use of foreign journal by the scientific article in reports research at Institute for Research and Community Services GMU funded by the Agricultural Research and Development Department of Agriculture in 2007, (4) to know the currency of the foreign journal reffered by the research report at Institute for Research and Community Services GMU funded by the Agricultural Research and Development Department of Agriculture in 2007. This research is a descriptive study, with the subject of study is a research report at Institute for Research and Community Services GMU funded by the Agricultural Research and Development Department of Agriculture in 2007, and the object of research is the issue of foreign journals are used as a reference in a research report at Institute for Research and Community Services GMU funded by the Agricultural Research and Development Department of Agriculture in 2007. Method of data collection and documentation using the interview method for cross checking. Data analysis using citation analysis. The results of study: (1) There are 103 titles of foreign journal cited in the research report at Institute for Research and Community Services GMU funded by the Agricultural Research and Development Department of Agriculture in 2007, including 35 titles of the journal subscribed by Library Faculty of Agro complex in GMU, (2) The frequency of the citation of the 35 titles was that : Applied and Environmental Microbiology by 14 times (6,51%), Postharvest Biology and Technology and Trans of the ASAE by 12 (5,55%), J. of Food Engineering by 10 (4,65%), J. of Food Science by 10 (3,72%), Plant and Soil by 8 (3,26%), J. of Agriculture Eng. Research by 6 (2,79%), Bioresource Tech. by 5 (2,33%), Food Tech. and J. of Dairy Science by 4 respectively (1,86%), Intern. J. of Food Microbiology, J. Animal Science, J. of Biomass and Bioenergy, J. of Stored Product Research, and Solar Energy by 3 respectively (1,40%), Food Chemistry, J. Meat Science, J.of Bioscience and Bioengineering, and Soil Science Society of America Journal by each 2 (0,93%), Agriculture Ecosystems & Environment, Agricultural Systems, Agronomy J., Biosystems Engi., Biotechnology Letters, Cell, Computers and Electronics in Agricultural, Crop Science, Environmental and Experimental Botany, Food Control, Hort Science, Intern. Dairy J., J. of Food Microbiology, Soil Biology and Biochemistry, Trends in Food Science & Technology, and Trends in Plant Science by 1 each (0,47%). (3) There are also a relevancy between the scientific articles in research reports at the Institute for Research and Service to the Community financed GMU Agricultural Research Agency Ministry of Agriculture in 2007 with a study published in the journal referred abroad, and their utilization are more prone to support theoretical approaches and findings, (4) Journal publications are used abroad as a reference in a research report at Institute for Research and Community Services GMU funded by the Agricultural Research and Development Department of Agriculture in 2007 was included in a current category 60.47% or equal to 130 citation, not current category 40.01% or equel to 85 citastion, and more than 30 years (6,05%).

Taller para la construcción de repositorios digitales con Dspace

Thu, 11/29/2012 - 19:15
2012-11-29T18:15:51Z Ortiz Ancona, Dante Learning to use one of the free software tools common to most complete and the construction and management of digital repositories, as a basis for the development of digital libraries, illustrating the strategies used for dissemination, sharing and preserving digital information. Presenting a comprehensive overview of the factors involved in the evaluation, construction and maintenance of digital repositories.

GESAR: Software configurable para generación de estadísticas de un servidor EZproxy

Thu, 11/29/2012 - 19:11
2012-11-29T18:11:53Z Ortiz Ancona, Dante Ballesteros Estrada, Silvia Gama Mora, Mario Cedillo Pérez, Alfredo Ibarra Contreras, Rafael Purpose: Presents a software system statistics generator, with configurable reports for decision making in the digital collections development, through the processing of log files generated by an EZproxy server. Design / methodology / approach: This case study was written after implementing the software GESAR into the DGB-UNAM remote access service. The followed procedure was: process the log files generated by an EZproxy server and store the resulted information in three relationships within a relational database containing institutional catalogs (electronic resources providers, users, communities, campi, among others). In the present case, 159 statistical reports on the use of electronic resources were defined, with the option to define a larger amount. Then, through a graphical interface statistical reports were displayed in HTML and Microsoft Excel format, what makes possible to filter the information in different ways, making the number of displayed reports virtually uncountable. Findings: Although GESAR was designed for an EZproxy server, it can easily be adapted to any website. By analyzing statistical reports, it was found what kind of users accessed what resources, on what date and time, as well as the physical locations from where access was performed. This analysis allowed us to discover certain anomalies in the use of electronic resources by some users. Originality / value: GESAR incorporates two new features not provided by any other similar tool: a) it generates reports based on users’ needs. b) utilization of a database with institutional catalogs to generate reports. The usage data allow to visualize who, where, when and what resources were consulted. The analyzed data universe was 263 million access records and 171,000 users. Keywords / topics: web analytics, transaction log analysis, web log analysis, log file analysis, log processing, statistics web sites, log analysis, collections management, library users, online databases. Publication Type: Case Study

Software for Teaching Emotions to Students with Autism Spectrum Disorder

Thu, 11/29/2012 - 18:26
2012-11-29T17:26:31Z Lozano-Martínez, Josefina Ballesta-Pagán, Francisco Javier Alcaraz-García, Salvador This paper reports the results of a research project in which educational software was used to teach social and emotional skills to primary and secondary school students with autism spectrum disorders (ASD). The participants with difficulties in recognizing emotional states were nine male and female students aged between 8 and 18, with a mental age range of between 5 and 7 years. A single group design with pre-test/post-test was used. The students were assessed before teaching in relation to their levels of social and emotional skills. This assessment was intended to set the starting level of the teaching process for each student. The educational intervention consisted of two 45-minute weekly sessions for 20 weeks over two academic years (2006/2008). Following the intervention, each student was again assessed. Results indicate that the pupils improved their performance in tasks that evaluate the ability to recognize and understand emotional expressions. These results confirmed that the use of educational software for teaching social and emotional skills helps students with ASD to improve their ability to perform tasks aimed at the understanding of emotional skills. In addition, the participants improved their social skills significantly, a fact that was noticed by both teachers and families.

Management of Indian Institutional Repositories

Thu, 11/29/2012 - 18:24
2012-11-29T17:24:10Z Sawant, Sarika The study investigates various issues concerning the management of institutional repositories (IRs) developed in India. Data collection done using a web based questionnaire, created using software provided by surveymonkey.com. The entire population i.e. all IRs identified in India were surveyed. It was observed that in 42.86% (6) of Institutional Repositories implementation programmes were headed by librarians. No special staff was appointed by any institution for carrying out different jobs involved in implementation of IR. About 57.14% (8) of respondents reported that the main source of funds for institutional repositories came from routine operating costs of the institution's library. Personal contact (92.90%% i.e. 13 respondents) was a highly exercised promotional activity among the respondents. It was observed that respondents credited faculty (64.29% i.e. 9 respondents) as the major contributors to their institutional repositories. The study covered Indian institutional repositories only and the findings were compared with other studies. This is the first detailed study focusing on the management aspects of IRs. It has identified the existence of 16 functional IRs, some which were not registered in any of the directories such as ROAR, Open DOAR.

Information and Knowledge: In quest of boundaries

Thu, 11/29/2012 - 18:22
2012-11-29T17:22:25Z Sen, B. K. This paper gives a deep insight into the different dimensions of information and knowledge.An in-depth study on information has been carried out from different perspectives. Finally, it tries to distinguish between information and knowledge.

Žurnalisto, keliautojo, visuomenės ir kultūros veikėjo Mato Šalčiaus archyvinis palikimas Lietuvos nacionalinėje bibliotekoje

Thu, 11/29/2012 - 14:25
2012-11-29T13:25:01Z Tarailienė, Dalia This article analyzes the archival collection of Matas Šalčius, a prominent traveller, educator, and public figure. Martynas Mažvydas National Library of Lithuania obtained the archival collection of Matas Šalčius consequently in 1995/97. It comprises biographic material, documents on his creative, professional, and public activities; his massive correspondence, household and iconic documents, documents of his family members and relatives as well as documents belonging to some organizations. The majority of the iconic documents are photographs from M. Šalčius’ worldwide travels. The diverse character of M. Šalčius’ manuscript documentary legacy was determined by his active involvement in various spheres of social and research activity. The collection has plenty of useful material for historical research of national culture, pedagogy, printing, travelling, diplomacy, and Lithuanian emigration.

XIX a. pabaigos – XX a. pradžios JAV lietuvių emigrantų dokumentai: rašytinė atmintis

Thu, 11/29/2012 - 14:24
2012-11-29T13:24:33Z Steponaitienė, Jolita The objective of the article is to review the main groups of printed and archival heritage of Lithuanian emigrants of the end of the 19th century – the beginning of the 20th century, and to evaluate significance of the said heritage for research of this period. Special attention is given to manuscript documents preserved in the Rare Books and Manuscripts Department of Martynas Mažvydas National Library of Lithuania. The said documents, cherishing printed and written memory, are important in several aspects: they witness integration of Lithuanians into the life of multinational America, accepting of American terms-words, relation with their own Lithuanian-historical-Christian roots and Lithuania.

Lietuvos nacionalinės Martyno Mažvydo bibliotekos rankraščių fondo formavimas XX amžiaus 8–9 dešimtmetyje

Thu, 11/29/2012 - 14:19
2012-11-29T13:19:12Z Steponaitienė, Jolita Document collection, systematic and reasonable acquisition, and interests and needs of a certain organization are among its main functions. From the historical point of view, formation of a document collection reflects the actualities of the time, policies, understandings and public obligations of an institution. It could seem that the soviet ideology couldn't disregard such library activities; however, exploring the documents of that time reveal some paradoxical things such as acquiring „ideologically wrong“ documents. This situation is discussed in the article.

Spaudos draudimo laikotarpio lietuviškos knygos autorių sudėties kaita

Thu, 11/29/2012 - 14:16
2012-11-29T13:16:42Z Steponaitienė, Jolita In 1864, press in the Latin alphabet was banned in Lithuania. This ban lasted until 1904. During 40 years, a new generation of Lithuanian books' authors developed. It was caused by the growth and expansion of national movement and the nation's consciousness in the ninth decade of the 19th century. The basis of the new generation's authors was formed under the new circumstances, i.e. After the press ban, by people with secular professions and occupations, not only those who had graduated from universities, institutes or seminaries, but also those who had finished only several classes and were self-educated. Due to the different economic and social conditions, access to education, most authors were from Suvalkija and East Aukštaitija. For this reason, the written language dialect changed. During this period, among the Lithuanian authors also women appeared.

Elzevyrų leidiniai Lietuvos nacionalinėje Martyno Mažvydo bibliotekoje

Thu, 11/29/2012 - 14:15
2012-11-29T13:15:49Z Misiūnienė, Jadvyga This article tells us about the collection of elzevyres in Martynas Mazvydas National Library of Lithuania. The collection of elzevyres consists of 231 books (180 titles). True, or original, elzeviers are divided into two groups: publications of Leiden (95 titles) and Amsterdam (63 titles) Elzevyres’ companies. The article reveals the value and variety of authentic elzevyres printings and analyses specific features of part of the collection of elzevyres: their place of publication, publishers, thematics and provenances.

Bedside Clinical Information Services

Wed, 11/28/2012 - 22:57
2012-11-28T21:57:08Z Shokraneh, Farhad NA

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