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El Centre de Recursos per a l’Aprenentatge (CRA) : un nou model de biblioteca universitària en l’era del coneixement

Mon, 11/26/2012 - 14:46
2012-11-26T13:46:13Z Martínez, Dídac Universities around the world and the Catalans are facing challenges internal and external, that a new model of university. Learning Network (e-learning), the new definition of classroom learning, research distributors da and technology involved in the development of land or the new European Higher Education are some of the essential elements of this change. The university libraries hitherto passive services in support of teaching and research are in extraordinary opportunities for those moments become levers to secure help achieve this new university. This will be possible if libraries choose a series of transformations, one of them become truly integrated spaces university services. The library as a resource center for learning, CRA is a model that permits this change, since it is designed to meet the real needs of users in their new learning processes.

Oltre le riviste. Come cambia la comunicazione scientifica

Sun, 11/25/2012 - 17:51
2012-11-25T16:51:47Z Giglia, Elena Scholarly communication is changing. Aim of this work is to present new trends in academic results dissemination as nanopublications and enhanced publications alongside with new e-journals or projects.

Per una ‘confederazione’ SBN

Sun, 11/25/2012 - 17:51
2012-11-25T16:51:14Z Badalamenti, Guido The aim of the paper is to investigate the possibility of building a confederation of Libraries in the framework of the National catalogue SBN. Starting from the analysis of the opportunities offered by the new Index architecture, there are some considerations to be made concerning the relationship with other Library Management Systems. Looking at the development of new functionalities in different LMS, but also at the needs and expectations of the users, and of the librarians ,for the availability in the OPAC of digital and electronic resources. In this scenario, it is interesting to discuss the different level of integration between local and national catalogues.

Microblogging: el caso Twitter en bibliotecas universitarias argentinas

Fri, 11/23/2012 - 20:27
2012-11-23T19:27:50Z De-Volder, Carolina González-Terán, Yanina Gutiérrez, Fernando-Gabriel This paper describes and analyzes the profiles and use performing Argentine university libraries that have accounts with the Twitter service. To collect data, we used a survey observation and taking into account parameters such as: number of tweets, number of followers, who spread information type, frequency, time spent on account management, library area managed by the account, among others. Described international research, and activity was investigated by libraries in this microblogging service and how they relate to users. Finally they presented a number of suggestions to manage and leverage Twitter from a university library.

Metadados para a representação das imagens digitais

Fri, 11/23/2012 - 14:06
2012-11-23T13:06:22Z The networks are configured as a major center of circulation of information readily accessible, this digital universe consists of various information, including digital images, which are captured and disseminated by various types devices daily around the world. Thus, we highlight the importance of the Information Processing Description for digital imaging in building forms for representation and presentation in order to make them available, accessible and retrievable. In this sense, presented as research problem: the uniqueness requirement for the location and retrieval of information resources in digital environments should be of elements that describe its form in order to make possible the identification of a scheme for constructing forms of image representation in order to make it unique, which requires a treatment beyond content. Therefore, the aim of this research is to determine the metadata necessary for the representation of the digital image, based on descriptions of the instruments belonging to the Treatment Description Information (TDI) for its standardization, punctuating the importance of metadata in the description of digital image properties and elements responsible for the information retrieval. The methodology consists in an exploratory analysis and descriptive literature available on the topic proposed. What will allow the construction of a theoretical knowledge about the instruments that guide the construction of representations in the field of Information Science.

A construção da memória organizacional utilizando o gerenciamento de processo nas pactuações da comissão intergestores bipartite do Sistema Único de Saúde

Fri, 11/23/2012 - 13:54
2012-11-23T12:54:50Z Remor, Lourdes de Costa Rados, Gregório Varvakis Remor, Carlos Augusto Monguilhott Miranda, Angélica Conceição Dias O artigo aborda o gerenciamento de processo e a sua implicação na construção da memória organizacional. Apresenta a relevância do conhecimento em uma organização e os danos causados quando os conhecimentos não são incorporados à memória da organização. O gerenciamento de processo, por organizar e sistematizar os trabalhos parece permitir a disseminação do conhecimento dentro da organização, tanto para os indivíduos quanto para os repositórios. E por fim apresenta o processo da pactuação na Comissão Intergestores Bipartite, Fórum de Negociação e Tomada de Decisão entre os Gestores municipais e estaduais do SUS.

Indicadores de saúde como apoio à gestão do sistema único de saúde

Fri, 11/23/2012 - 13:46
2012-11-23T12:46:51Z Remor, Lourdes de Costa Remor, Carlos Augusto Monguilhot Miranda, Angélica Conceição Dias Varvakis, Gregório O presente artigo aborda a utilização de indicadores de saúde para a tomada de decisão na gestão do SUS. Discute conceitos de serviços e de indicadores, fala dos indicadores e avaliação de serviços de saúde, bem como sobre os que são utilizados no âmbito do SUS. Como procedimento metodológico da pesquisa consultou-se os planos de saúde de dois municípios de Santa Catarina, elaborados para o período de uma gestão municipal de 2005 a 2008, escolhidos aleatoriamente. Procura mostrar que, embora haja indicadores de saúde, institucionalizados no âmbito do SUS, ainda assim, eles não são aproveitados no apoio à gestão do SUS. Tais indicadores institucionalizados poderiam servir para indicar várias estratégias e pontos de intervenção que facilitariam a gestão dos serviços. Finalmente, enfatiza a importância da gestão do conhecimento e a sua contribuição na utilização e no aproveitamento dos indicadores no apoio à gestão do SUS.

Esquecimento organizacional e suas consequências no processo de aprendizagem organizacional

Fri, 11/23/2012 - 13:39
2012-11-23T12:39:32Z Remor, Lourdes de Costa Miranda, Angélica Conceição Dias Santos, Neri dos Steil, Andréia Valéria Remor, Carlos Augusto Monguilhott Este artigo apresenta uma revisão da literatura sobre o tema “esquecimento organizacional” e suas consequências no processo de aprendizagem organizacional. O objetivo da revisão é mostrar a importância atribuída ao esquecimento organizacional, considerando que acreditamos que ele interfere no processo da aprendizagem. Na literatura, percebe-se haver grande interesse na aprendizagem como um diferencial competitivo na busca por resultados. Por outro lado, parecem ser subvalorizados o esquecimento organizacional e seus desdobramentos nos processos de aprendizagem organizacional.

The social weaving of a reading atmosphere

Fri, 11/23/2012 - 11:04
2012-11-23T10:04:06Z Sequeiros, Paula This paper discusses how public library readers in Almeida Garrett, Porto, create a reading atmosphere, focusing on meanings associated with aural conditions. Through a qualitative, single case study, ethnographic and interview techniques were applied. Readers’ actual practices and discourses, through a theoretical sample, and those of managers, staff and architects were analysed; a spatial analysis was conducted within the framework of social inequalities and power relations. The paper proposes the concept of reading atmosphere and suggests that its social production is based on a tacit, informal code of conduct in which some regular readers played an influential role. Some recommendations on service provision are made.

Gestión de un repositorio de objetos de aprendizaje para la instalación, configuración y uso del software DSPACE

Thu, 11/22/2012 - 21:10
2012-11-22T20:10:58Z Álvarez, Juan Pablo Fernández, Gladys Vanesa Content management in learning environments is creating changes in various senses. Among these changes, the educational content being built as learning objects and being collected in containers, known as Learning Object Repositories (ROA), which are organized and made ​​accessible for different applications and user profiles. We report the creation of a repository and learning objects, installation, configuration and use of the DSpace software. We describe the concept of learning object and its environment. It explains the importance of using DSpace software for creating digital repositories (Institutional) in accordance with national projects: PICT-O CIN and SNRD

Optimizar la aplicación de las TIC’S para una evaluación integral sólida en la carrera de Bibliotecario Escolar a distancia . Proyecto de investigación sobre la asignatura Bibliografía y Selección de Textos

Thu, 11/22/2012 - 21:05
2012-11-22T20:05:57Z Peluchi, Olga Ravera, Marcela The Distance Education (EAD), offers plenty of unexplored research lines that arise from the implementation of this modality firm and consistently supported by advances in information technology and communication (ICT). The research project aims to make a social micro cuts of reality as they will come into play a series of interactions, interpretations and subjective experiences in the instance of the subject Evaluative Bibliography and Selected Texts within a plan of study involving a total of fourteen courses and a seminar Bibes2 system comprising the National University of Mar del Plata. Is expected qualitative and quantitative information through direct observation and interviews. The final result is expected to get a more utilitarian assessment tool both for teachers as for students

La Alfabetización Informacional en las escuelas públicas primarias del Partido de General Pueyrredón

Thu, 11/22/2012 - 20:59
2012-11-22T19:59:31Z Palacios, Claudia Marisol Varela, María Segunda Ristol, Marcela Beatriz Dominguez, Silvia This paper aims to bring the progress of the research project "The School Library: its organization and visibility to the management teams" GICIS Group Faculty of Humanities of the University of Mar del Plata. It refers to the Information Literacy (IL onwards) analyzing the state of the school libraries in public elementary Party General Pueyrredón. Information literacy is presented as an essential process in today's society, necessarily marked by the imperative to learn the knowledge and information independently and this will be analyzed and discussed.

Documentación sobre niños internados en el Hospital Sbarra de La Plata

Thu, 11/22/2012 - 20:55
2012-11-22T19:55:33Z Astigarraga, María Fernanda Bevilacqua, Graciela Mabel Marini, María Alicia Specialized Zonal Hospital "Dr. Noel H. Sbarra "of La Plata, was created in 1942. Its initial role was Orphanage, Hospital adopted the name in 1972. the placement of children who arrive by court order is adopting alternative discharge and referral to other institutions, which often receive queries about origins and identity data. Objective: To preserve the original documents and personal data rescue children who were in this institution since 1938 to present. Methods: We describe the process of digitization and transcription of the notebooks of Revenues and Expenditures of children admitted from 1938 to 2005, and the digitization of 33 complete medical records related to the military dictatorship. Results: 8 of the 9 digitized books existing income and expenses, and the 33 records listed. The transcript is being integrated into a single database, pending: a) overhaul to minimize errors, b) digitization of books from 2006 to the present, c) complete the parameters analyzed with other existing sources (files, book income , etc.)

La Alfabetización informacional: tecnologías de la información y las comunicaciones en las bibliotecas de salud

Thu, 11/22/2012 - 20:51
2012-11-22T19:51:23Z Cañete, María Graciela It addresses the importance of health libraries, as participants in the development of information literacy programs. One feature of the twenty-first century is the relentless advance of information technology and communications which does not imply a direct correlation to equal opportunities in access to information flows for generating new knowledge. Based on the experiences and knowledge of each is necessary to the acquisition of skills and abilities that allow to know what information is needed, where to look, how to evaluate and critically reflective and employ it as ethical. The IFLA recommends supporting the professional development of human resources devoted to education, library work, information, health file and the principles of media and information literacy and learning throughout life.

La compilación bibliográfica y los cambios en la investigación histórica

Thu, 11/22/2012 - 20:43
2012-11-22T19:43:57Z Barcala, Graciela G. We study builds specialized literature History and access to sources of information on the Internet. The demand for complete and complex historical literature has varied considerably over time and are not required frequently. Access to full text in the Web facilitates obtaining the necessary documentation to the investigator. In addition, many of these volumes are not available impairment losses or simply exhausted. The latter is living many libraries can not purchase certain essential bibliography for research because not available in bookstores and are not located in digital format. Librarians permanently defy the symbiosis between the large amount of historical documentation and user demands on very specific topics.

Bibliotecas abiertas: disponibilidad, usabilidad, comodidad

Thu, 11/22/2012 - 20:33
2012-11-22T19:33:57Z Alvite, María Cristina The library in context of confinement as the scope for exercising the right of access to information, support educational programs, recreation and reflection. Normality in a control environment. Connection to the outside.

Relevar para difundir: el relevamiento de visu de las colecciones del Museo Histórico Nacional en el marco de la implementación del Servicio Nacional de Inventarios de Patrimonio (SeNIP)

Thu, 11/22/2012 - 20:27
2012-11-22T19:27:24Z Canavero, Ezequiel In the area of documentation and registration of the Collections of the National Historical Museum there is a responsibility to update and monitor the financial position of objects forming the collections. In 2011 the area was doomed to making a survey of visu collections. The two main objectives were to update overall inventory information and regularize the situation of objects without patrimonial number dial. Together the collections survey was implemented the National Heritage Inventory. The SeNIP is a suite of applications that enables continuous updating of data heritage objects and the progressive inclusion of digital images. These two projects involved a challenge in the area of documentation as they are tools to collect, describe, classify and disseminate historical heritage content.

Presente y perspectivas de la Biblioteca Nacional Argentina

Thu, 11/22/2012 - 20:23
2012-11-22T19:23:00Z Barber, Elsa An analysis of management in recent years for the National Library of Argentina, discussed current state and prospects of planning for the improvement and preservation of historical documents and reconditioning work of various sectors.

Aspectos éticos de la organización de la información

Thu, 11/22/2012 - 20:12
2012-11-22T19:12:52Z Chaves Guimarâes, José Augusto We discuss the ethical aspects of the organization of the information to be presented and analyzed a number of examples terminological subject to various subjective meanings, due to linguistic and ideological contexts in which each term is framed.

Produção do conhecimento sobre o sistema eletrônico de Editoração de Revistas (SEER) no Brasil nos anos de 2003 a 2010

Thu, 11/22/2012 - 00:12
2012-11-21T23:12:28Z Moraes, Maria Helena Machado de Miranda, Angélica Conceição Dias O processo de editoração das produções científicas beneficia-se na contemporaneidade com a editoração eletrônica. Esta agiliza o processo, reduz custos e divulga mundialmente as publicações científicas das instituições. No Brasil foi disponibilizado pelo Instituto Brasileiro de Informação em Ciências e Tecnologia (IBICT) o Sistema Eletrônico de Editoração de Revistas (SEER) cujo propósito é colaborar para a disseminação do conhecimento produzido. O objetivo principal deste estudo é avaliar a produção do conhecimento sobre o SEER no Brasil nos anos de 2003 a 2010, busca investigar, analisar, descrever e apresentar quantitativamente os resultados encontrados. A pesquisa foi realizada nas revistas eletrônicas de Biblioteconomia que utilizam o sistema para disponibilizar suas publicações. A referida plataforma é vista como um gerenciador de publicações científicas que faz da tecnologia uma ferramenta para suas propostas, tornando-se valioso para visibilidade das publicações científicas no Brasil.

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